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Timber Decking


For our premium-grade products, we only use timber from northern latitudes. This is because the trees in these regions grow slowly, which means the wood fibres are packed closely together. After manufacture, this close-packed structure gives decking its strength.

What’s more, when our timber absorbs rainwater, it expands less than many other timbers. As a result, there is reduced movement, which in turn reduces the strain against the fixings and minimises the risk of boards twisting, warping or splitting. the slower the timber has grown.

Composite Decking

Trex recycles 1.5 billion shopping bags each year and hasn’t felled a single tree for deck manufacture during its 20-year history.


Trex Transcend is the most weather resistant, low maintenance composite decking product on the market, it won’t warp or splinter, it will never require staining or painting, it is fade, stain, mould, rot and scratch resistant and will look as good in 25-years as it does today. Where convenience and low-maintenance are paramount, Trex offers a genuinely sustainable solution.



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