In a market of ever increasing demands for new ideas and products, Prestige Decking Solutions do not shy away from progress but very much enjoy the challenge, we are constantly improving our services ensuring that our customers receive the latest available ideas on todays market, combined with a vast amount of experience we offer a service that is the envy of others. Very few decking company's offer all of the decking options available in todays market, and they will always try to convince you that they provide your best options. Because we offer a range of options we are happy to discuss all the pro's and con's to help you choose the decking best suited to your needs and requirements.

Our commercial grade timber is produced and supplied by a british company with over 165 years experience in the timber trade using the finest tanalised pre treatment available in todays market, our upvc and composite materials are manufactured using the very latest technology available including recycling to make plastic decking a green option.  We offer a full and comprehensive design and installation service, providing fully dimensioned drawings for approval by your customers and yourselves to ensure that the deck we supply is exactly to your requirements and complies with regulations. We offer various material options including ribbed or smooth deck boards, traditional or contemporary handrails and spindles, decorative panels, gates and steps, there are marine grade stainless steel post, glass infills and stainless steel wire, we offer a Deck Care and Maintenance service to maintain and keep your decking in its best possible condition, which in return will help maintain the veranda and the appearance of your site. We offer a polite, courteous and professional service from the initial contact all the way through to after sales, We have exclusive access to many sites and provide the parks with various build options whilst maintaining the same materials throughout, helping to create a uniformed, clean and well presented site.

The 3 most important areas when working with any business are Cost, Service and Quality we at Prestige Decking Solutions strive to achieve all 3 of these and we are committed to offering the very best proffessional attitude whilst working on your decking, on your site.

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